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March 3


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The recruitment drive is over but you don't have to stop drawing new recruits if you still want to.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this month-long recruitment drive and I hope you all had fun!

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Nudist Beach Now Recruiting (new members!) by CallMePo

As some of you people know, I am a fan of Kill La Kill and have been riffing on the "uniforms" of the rebel group Nudist Beach with crossover characters.

As you can see from the recruiting poster, there is a basic uniform design but you can customize it - as I have - for the various characters I have drawn.

Nudist Beach recuit by CallMePoShego enlists by CallMePoA sniper enlists by CallMePoX-23 joins in by CallMePoAlways be Raven by CallMePoSupply sergeant for Nudist Beach by CallMePoBAT-ASS... by CallMePo

Even the 4 Devas have their very own version of a Nudist Beach uniform so there really aren't any limits except that you can't technically be wearing clothes - you can only wear accessories such as hats, belts, straps, stockings, boots, collars and gloves.


Because clothing is infused with life fibers and are EVIL!

But you can't be totally nude either - just strategically covered for modesty's sake. (Watch the anime already!)

So what I am doing here is inviting other artists to contribute to a gallery of various Nudist Beach recruits and all you have to do is submit one in a comment in this journal and I will add it to the post.

Comic book, cartoon, video game, and original characters are welcome!

Basically, have as much fun as I have been!

(Edit: The artist in me works better with a deadline and I am assuming a lot of you do as well so this recruitment drive will be over at the end of the month.)

The new recruits!
(latest recruiters start from the bottom - new recruits are added to artists in their own rows))

:iconcallmepo: Reporting for booty... I mean duty by CallMePo Nudist Beach needs a little ANARCHY by CallMePo Velma Joins Nudist Beach by CallMePo Gonna need some BODY BAGS. by CallMePo Illyanna wants to fight too by CallMePo
(Who said I was going to stop drawing recruits? ^_^)
... and here are some commissions I did for :iconthemultipled:which happen to be new recruits too!
What did you say recruit? by CallMePo That looks good on you by CallMePo *new* They get to have guns? by CallMePo
... and one for :iconastrallight: Lulu joins Nudist Beach by CallMePo

:iconfrogwalker: Cinthia Melo - Nudist Beach Suit by Frogwalker Power Girl - Nudist Beach Suit by Frogwalker Rubber Rita x Elasteel - Nudist Beach Suit by Frogwalker Terra - Nudist Beach Suit by Frogwalker Bronson - Nudist Beach Suit by Frogwalker Holy x Dark - Nudist Beach Suit by Frogwalker
:iconlightfootcomics: Give Her a Lever Big Enough... by lightfootcomics
:iconwatchtehtail: Morrigan Aensland: Nudist Beach by WatchTehTail
:iconshnoogums5060: Nudist Beach Shogoku by shnoogums5060
:iconshadowblade316: New Recruits by shadowblade316
:iconskycomicsstudios: Nudist beach Rev Shade by SKYcomicsSTUDIOS
:iconkzn02: LDD Tsumugu's DTR by KZN02 LDD Gamagori's DTR by KZN02 LDD Ryuko's DTR by KZN02 LDD Sanageyama's DTR by KZN02 LDD Nonon's DTR by KZN02 LDD Inumata's DTR by KZN02 LDD Phoenix Wright's DTR by KZN02
:iconxodd: vera rossa reporting by exodd
:iconmagnum13: NUDIST BEACH Ms. Fortune by Magnum13 NUDIST BEACH Squigly by Magnum13
:iconkingboro: Jill Nude Beach by KingBoro
:icontisinrei: [T] Vanessa: Nudist Beach law enforcer by tisinrei
:iconcrash2014: Nudist Beach Recruit Lady Jaye by Crash2014 Nudist Beach Recruit Elastigirl by Crash2014
:iconcountersunk81: SFIV Crimson Viper for Nudist Beach by countersunk81
:iconfrhines99: Red Monika001 by FRHines99
:iconeymbee: Juri:Nudist Beach by EymBee
:iconmegagundamman: Nudist beach Elena by MegaGundamMan Nudist beach Severa by MegaGundamMan Nudist beach Nagato by MegaGundamMan Nudist beach Asuka by MegaGundamMan Nudist beach Mexia by MegaGundamMan MANN vs COVERS 01 by MegaGundamMan *new*Nudist beach Say'ri by MegaGundamMan
:iconzatchz: Zeta en Plien Air by ZatchZ
:iconphramer: Felicity Strikes joins nudest beach. by Phramer
:icontimmy22222001: Nudist Beach Asami by Timmy22222001
:iconxjkenny: NB Deadpool and Domino by XJKenny NB Ann Possible by XJKenny NB Mrs.Incredible by XJKenny NB Mai by XJKenny
:iconcount-kraumburger1: The Commander Enlists by Count-KraumBurger1
:iconroemesquita: for :iconodie1049: If Looks Could Kill La Kill by Odie1049
:icondarkknightstrikes: Hit Girl as a Nudist Beach member by darkknightstrikes
:iconsweetsux: :thumb441634284:
:iconsupersanus: Mimi Nude Beach by supersanus
:iconreiko-foxx: Rally Vincent of the Nude Beach Rebellion by Reiko-Foxx
:iconslb-creations: Joining to the Rebellion by SLB-CreationS
:iconaeolus06: Giggles join the Nudist Beach rebellion by Aeolus06 Davey joins Nudist Beach by Aeolus06
:iconjklind: Daisy joins the Nudist Beach?! by JKLind
:icongypsysquid: Nudist Beach Rebellion - Specialist Kuga Reporting by GypsySquid
:iconrazamatzu: I'm ready for the recruitment by razamatzu
:iconanubis-x: off to the Nude Beach by anubis-x
:iconfrozensceptre: Nudist Beach Bayonetta by FrozenSceptre
:icondoomberry83: Elle, recruit for Nudist Beach ?! by DoomBerry83
:iconclxcool: Lock and load ladies, we're heading to the beach by CLXcool
:iconcountersunk81: Lollipop Chainsaw's Juliet Starling: Nudist Beach by countersunk81
:iconcoonfoot: Sketch-a-Day 31: A Charming Recruit by Coonfoot
:iconvangarshriek: Nudist Beach Joins The Emperor by VangarShriek
:icontooniverseking: Nudist Beach Recruit: Busta Load by TooniverseKing Nudist Beach DxK by TooniverseKing
:iconferchosky: GC Gals reporting for duty by Ferchosky
:iconmkonstantinov: Nudist Beach Recruit by mkonstantinov
:iconkarrendaen: Naked we stand ! by Karrendaen
:iconfelipemaker-br: :thumb444024624:
:iconkogeikun: Kill la Kill Wendolin by kogeikun
:iconshabazik: Nudist Beach Recruit Naomi by Shabazik
:iconjayqc80: Nudist Beach: Elisa Maza by JayQC80
:iconalvah-and-freinds: Nudist Beach recruit- Ryoko by Alvah-and-freinds
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serpenttao04 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
So many thumbs up for doing this.
Werewolf-Hero Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Kekko Kamen would be more covered if she does this :giggle: hope to see her.
MegaGundamMan Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
aw it's over? only managed to do 10 out of 25...
awr74 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014
wow....quite the beach army there!
Phramer Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's an impressive colection of characters.
Ferchosky Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014
It was fun indeed!
shadowblade316 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
I'm a little surprised that Power Girl hasn't signed up yet.
JayQC80 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've got a detective for you.
Nudist Beach: Elisa Maza by JayQC80
Alvah-and-freinds Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Student Artist
meet the beach's new recruit alvah-and-freinds.deviantart.c…
krioss Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Professional Filmographer
so is this a contest or something, or just drawing for fun?
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